Type Trauma

 Music Guest of Honor

Type Trauma is Mike Glazebrook, Bobby Bailey, and Chris Tucker.Based in Roanoke, Va.

Type Trauma’s debut album “Blunt Force” saw release on Halloween of 2018. With passion born from forays into Honolulu’s 90’s goth/industrial underbelly and baring witness and gaining influence from the rise of bands such as Hate Dept, Xorcist and Razed in Black (then Lost Souls), the electronic gears began to turn for Chris and Bobby. Their search for dark, mechanical, synthetic sound further shaped by influences from Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy to Gary Numan and Depeche Mode. Gear acquisition and trade, and adversity and triumph forged the catalyst that would trigger the formation of Type Trauma, a hardware based industrial music project. The creation of their song, Mothers on Drugs, and subsequent songs gave rise to the desire to take their music to the stage, thus facilitating the necessity to incorporate vocals and guitar.

Enter, Mike. With influences ranging from KMFDM to Rammstein, Fear Factory to Amon Amarth, he brings an expanded guitar portfolio to the industrial/electronic front.

Type Trauma’s desire to perform and create is evident. The band’s dark and layered electronic grooves, high-energy performances, and ominous presence gives promise to fans and audiences that industrial music is not only alive and well in Virginia, but that it is thriving!