Sean Heare

Fan Guest of Honor

Ever feel like there is no place for you? Ever have the urge to wear goggles when you’re not welding? As a fashion statement?!

I have. Early in life my family moved every year, England, Chile, Norfolk, no place felt like home. Worse yet, as the weird kid with the big head, curly hair and a complete inability to pronounce the letter “S”, it was lonely. However being a voracious and imaginative bibliophile, much of my first decade and a half was spent reading and watching everything I could. I watched Star Trek since before I could speak, and first read Bradbury in the second grade.

As a teenager, horribly depressed and even more depressing to be around, a friend introduced me to a little book by Douglas Adams. Adam’s absurd way of looking at things made high school tolerable, and there I fell in with a bad crowd of Hitchhiker’s quoting, combat boot wearing folks who happened to attend Science Fiction Conventions.

Since 1985, I have haunted various fandom events throughout Virginia, Maryland, DC and North Carolina. I volunteered at over fifty such events in practically every position, attended about fifty more, met my wife at one, played matchmaker for other couples, served as a Board Member, a Treasurer, and most recently as a Convention Chairman.

Everyone has weird con stories, among my weirdest are: The time I gave a panel on how to detect if your kids are looking at Hentai and how to talk to them about it with Pedobear in the audience. The time I took over a Convention one Saturday Night, but gave it back Sunday Morning, and the time I nearly became an Author GOH without ever having written a book. I am also responsible for elevating no less than four con chairs to their lofty positions, each of which is a story in itself, but I’m sure they’ll deny it – assuming they are even aware of it. Among other feats, I successfully impersonated an author. Out there somewhere a whole wedding of people think I’m Grig “Punkie” Larson (Author of Trolley, and Space Bitch).

I’m not.

Although many years ago, I would prod Punkie along to do adventurous things, whenever he refused, he always lived to regret it. He could have been E. Gary Gygax for a night, or played Spock to my Kirk, or been a big time guest at a Star Trek convention in Albany last November…. Never mind. I’ve annoyed other authors too.

While people tell me on a regular basis that I should be on TV, I don’t feel particularly witty, but occasionally I enjoy sitting on panels and being a disruptive nuisance. I may impersonate an author at an autograph table. This will likely happen at Mysticon, check your listings. I will most definitely challenge the Con Chair in no-quarter pillow fighting at some point during the con.

I am a frustrated poetaster and graphomaniac, and on no account should be allowed to read any of it to anyone ever.

My art and film work are also pretty out there man. Ask me about my lengthy list of questionable academic credentials!

These days, I enjoy watching way too much TV, reading, and playing an ever increasing panoply of board games. Occasionally I play Texas Hold ‘Em. Much like my life, I’m seem very bad at it, but surprisingly rather lucky.

In closing, I love the ever increasing diversity and inclusiveness that Fandom fosters. Things get weirder every year and that’s a great thing, don’t stop people! For my part, I want to share the things that bring me joy: games, carousing, dancing, chatting and pillow fighting. Saturday Night is our Fifth (leap year it’s really *gasp* Twentieth) anniversary of marriage to my lovely spouse, we are having a lovely party and you are invited. I hope you will join me at my favorite place for me (and I hope yours as well) — Mysticon.