Masquerade Registration 2020

Register for the MystiCon Masquerade

No applications will be accepted after 12:00 pm on Saturday, February 29, 2020.  Please review the rules listed below the registration form.

Masquerade entries will be limited so register early!








  1. NO COSTUME IS NO COSTUME. Mysticon is a family oriented event, and, to that end, all costumes entered into the Masquerade must be family friendly and cover all areas required by Virginia law.  Costumes may be removed from the contest at the discretion of the Masquerade Maven if they are deemed inappropriate.  No nudity is allowed.
  2. ALL AUDIO MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO THE CONTEST: No speaking or shouting from the stage is allowed, unless you are responding to a question from the MC of the contest.  Violation of this rule may disqualify you from consideration during judging.
  3. CHILD CONTESTANTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT DURING PRE-JUDGING AND THE MASQUERADE: Children under the age of 13 competing in the child category must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, though children over 6 years old may go on and off stage without a parent’s presence.  Those under the age of 6 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian during pre-judging and on and off stage.  Parents or guardians accompanying children under the age of 6 onstage must also be costumed but will not be judged.
  4. STAY IN THE GREEN ROOM: Once you have been pre-judged, please do not leave the green room without notifying your den mother and please only leave briefly for bathroom breaks, etc.  This will help us ensure that the contest goes as smoothly as possible!
  5. NO STAGE EFFECTS INCLUDING FLASH POTS, SILLY STRING, PROJECTILES, FIREWORKS, SMOKE EFFECTS, OR EXPLOSIVES. We like our hotel location and do not wish to cause any damage to the property, so these effects are expressly forbidden and will disqualify a contestant if used.
  6. ALL WEAPONS MUST BE CHECKED, PEACEBOUND, AND APPROVED BY CONOPS PRIOR TO ENTRANCE INTO THE GREEN ROOM: Any weapon including whips, guns, swords, bows, etc., must be non-functional and peace-bond and have been cleared through ConOps prior to admission to the Green Room.  No use of whips, brandishing of live-steel swords, or breaking of a peace-bond is allowed onstage and will disqualify a contestant upon occurrence.
  7. ONCE YOU LEAVE THE GREEN ROOM AND ARE IN LINE FOR THE STAGE, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE LINE: If you have forgotten a prop or costume piece, or have to go to the bathroom, please ask your den mother or a volunteer for assistance.  They can quickly get your item, but you may have to wait for the bathroom if you’re the next in line for the stage.
  8. HAVE FUN WITH IT!: Once you’re onstage, have fun!  Do your skit or performance and show off your stuff!  The audience loves people who are really into what they are doing, so please enjoy yourself!
  9. DO NOT EXCEED TIME ALLOTTED: Participants in the children’s category have 1 minute on stage, those in the skilled categories (Novice, Journeyman, Master) will have 90 seconds on stage, and those in groups will have a total of 3 minutes onstage.  Please do not exceed your time onstage.  Please be careful when entering and exiting the stage as well.
  10. SIT IN THE CONTESTANT AREA AFTER YOU LEAVE THE STAGE: There will be a contestant section where you should sit once you exit the stage.  After all participants are done, there will be a brief intermission with entertainment while judges determine the awards and then the awards ceremony will begin.