Larry Niven

Author Guest of Honor

Larry Niven has written fiction at every length, and speculative articles, speeches, television scripts, graphic novels, and a couple of comic book universes. His interests include science fiction conventions. role playing games, comics, filk singing, yoga, hiking, racquetball, saving civilization, and making a little money. Larry attended Cal Tech but flunked out after discovering a book store jammed with used science fiction magazines. After a summer as a gas station attendant, he applied himself at Washburn University and graduated in 1962 with a B.A. in mathematics with a minor in psychology. Larry’s first published story (“The Coldest Place”) appeared in Worlds of If in December 1964. His fiction has won the Hugo Award five times, the Nebula for Best Novel, the Ditmar twice, and too many other awards to list here. He met Marilyn Joyce Wisowaty at the New York Worldcon in 1967 and they married on September 6, 1969.

Please see Larry’s complete biography here.