Jenn DePaola

Artist Guest of Honor

Jenn DePaola (Dee-pay-oh-la) is a Pinup and Portrait Artist with a penchant for Pop Culture. She lives in Southwestern Virginia with her husband, Paul, and their two kitties, Rex and Cody. (Yes, they are named after Clones in Star Wars.)

Jenn is into Pop Culture, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and of course Art! She learned to draw and paint as a child and that passion never really left. She began experimenting with digital art around 2006 and hasn’t stopped yet. The range and adaptability that digital art gives is what Jenn loves about the medium; it’s fluidity. Whether it’s a vintage look, or pencil and charcoal, she is able to render those styles.

In the past, Jenn has worked for Topps Trading Cards on several licensed Star Wars Card Sets, as well as a Mars Attacks! set. Also she has done some cover work for a few Authors as well. At this time Jenn’s work is mostly Pinups in the style from the 1940s and 50s but with a Pop Culture twist. Though she loves to dive into a highly detailed Portrait every now and again. She works mostly on private commissions and for private collectors at this time.

Find out more about Jenn by visiting her website: