Why don’t you move to a bigger venue?
At this time there are no affordable options in the Roanoke Valley that would provide more convention space than we currently utilize.

Why does MystiCon have an attendance cap?

For the safety of our attendees and to adhere to Roanoke County Fire Code Ordinances, once we reach the attendance capacity of our host hotel in our registration database MystiCon is officially sold out of badges.

Why don’t you sell day passes?
If / when our badge sales reach our host venue’s fire code capacity before the convention start date, MystiCon is officially sold out and no day passes are available.

Why can’t you resell badges when people leave?
There are a couple of reasons. First, our badges are good for the entire weekend. The badge holders you see leaving the property can choose to return any time during the weekend. Second, in order to facilitate the in and out tracking required to issue such passes, we would need more volunteers than we can currently support.

Do I need an ID?

Can I pick up my friend/family member’s badge?
No.  For security reasons, each person attending MystiCon must show an ID to pick up his or her badge

What if I don’t have an ID because I’m a minor?
A parent or legal guardian can check in with their ID and check you in.

I purchased a student badge. What if I don’t have a student ID?
Any official document with your name from your educational institution can serve as your student eligibility. (transcript, report cards, attendance record, etc)

Can I transfer my badge?
Badges may be transferred prior to February 1. The purchaser, badge holder (if different from purchaser) and transferee must all contact our registration director.

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Can I go to the dealer’s room if I don’t have a badge?

What should I do if I forgot to fill in the name when I registered?
Please contact our registration director and provide the information prior to February 1.

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What do I do if I lose my badge?
Please go to our registration table as soon as possible. There may be a replacement fee required.

If I can’t attend or a guest I want to see cancels, can I get a refund?
As is stated on our registration page and registration forms, all badge purchases are non-refundable.

Why haven’t I received my badge in the mail?
Badges are not mailed. All badges are picked up at the registration desk in the main lobby during the convention.

When will I receive confirmation of my badge purchase?
Your PayPal receipt is your confirmation. Check your SPAM/JUNK folder if you don’t see it in your email inbox.

What if I reserved a hotel room but didn’t buy a badge before they were sold out?
First, we would suggest that you add your name to our registration waiting list. Second, if you are unable to purchase a badge before the convention and you choose to keep your room, please be aware that you will not be allowed to wander the hallways during the convention. Once the convention is sold out the entire hotel with the exception of the Elephant Walk becomes convention space. In the rare event that a room holder is not also a badge holder, that person is only allowed to travel in the hallway between their room, exits and the Elephant Walk restaurant. Additionally there will be badge checkers at all MystiCon events and in the hallways to assist with line management and traffic flow.

I would like to volunteer for your convention. How do I do that?

Visit our Facebook Volunteer group for more info.

My film is being screened. Do I need a badge to attend?
Yes. Please contact our Independent Film Director for more information.

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My art is in the art show. Do I need a badge to attend?

How do I apply to be a guest/vendor/fan group at MystiCon?
Applications for MystiCon may be accessed through the link on our sidebar.

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When will the schedule be available?
It will be posted on the website by mid February.

Do you allow panels to be recorded?
Generally speaking. yes. However, if a convention staff member, panel moderator or panelist expresses a desire for a panel or programming segment not to be recorded (audio / visual) or photographed then it is forbidden. Failure to comply with such instruction may result in expulsion from the panel and the convention.

What is MystiCon’s animal policy?
Only service animals are allowed in convention space.


If you do not see you FAQ on this page, please check our Policies page for more information.