Volunteers wanted: Action! Adventure! Rewards!

myst100x1001Ever wondered how all those amazing things that happen at a Con come to be? Ever thought to yourself, “I could do a better job than these bozos?” Well, here’s your chance! MystiCon is run entirely by volunteers, and we need YOU! Volunteering is a great way to meet people, show off your talents, and get cool stuff. If you’re looking to volunteer, you ROCK!

Volunteers come in two flavors: Staff and Gophers.

Staffers work throughout the year, planning, organizing, and helping to make the decisions that shape MystiCon’s future, as well as putting in all the time and effort during the Con that make it a great experience for everyone. Staffers work for specific departments; individual duties are established by the department heads. If contributing your time and talent to MystiCon as staff appeals to you, use the calender to find out the date of our next meeting and come check us out.

Then, there are Gophers. These wonderful people are heroes; helping to take care of the entire myriad tasks that make MystiCon a success. Gophers get a peek into the inside workings of the Con that the regular fans never see. We need all kinds of talents and skills, and we’ll work with your schedule so that you don’t miss any of the activities that bring you to MystiCon in the first place. The more hours you work the more rewards you will earn. Gophering is also a chance to come to the Con for free; with enough hours, you can get your membership fee reimbursed or rolled over to the next year! If you’d like to be a part of the Con but don’t want to make the commitment to serve as Staff, Gophering just might be for you.

A Gopher membership is available for $20. After you have 6 hours of volunteering marked off on your badge you may be reimbursed $10. After you have 12 hours of volunteering marked off on your badge you may choose to be reimbursed the entire $20 or rollover for a free membership to next year’s convention.

If you’re interested in volunteering please fill out the volunteer application form here.