The Giddy Geeker


Founder of The Charlotte Geeks in 2008 with over 3K members on Meetup and 2K members on Facebook – home of the Geek Gala annual charity event since 2009 with the official weekly podcast Guardians of the Geekery (since 2014). Blogger, podcaster, former internet radio DJ and mainstream radio writer, Giddy follower of “All the Geeky Things” – but main fandoms include Doctor Who, the Marvel Universe, Orphan Black, and general gaming. I have moderated and participated in panels with ConCarolinas and Atomacon, including Geek Dating 101, how to start, run and grow a fan group, created the Author Dating Game panel, Doctor Who and MCU/DCU panels, BritTrack in general and Doctor Who and Orphan Black in specific. I can also assist with life skill panels like Resume Writing and Interviewing for the Job You Want (I was a recruiter for 7+ years) For Geek Dating panels – I hosted the “Wednesday Night Hump Day show” for online gamers and would answer their dating/love/sex/selfie questions with honesty, kindness, and humour. I also relayed many of my own internet dating stories on my website ( and met the love of my Geeky life of an internet dating site – and married him under an arch of sonic screwdrivers and light sabers 🙂