Sue Ann Ziegler

sue ann albeeArtist

Sue Ann is new to conventions, with the 2012 Mysticon being her first. She has always enjoyed art, particularly drawing and painting portraits, anime and fantasy art. In addition to drawing portraits and exhibiting arts and crafts at a few craft shows, Sue Ann has also painted murals on the walls of a local business.

Recently, she has expanded into costumery, making custom costumes for holidays, special events and cosplay. Character costumes that she has made for her family include: Green Lantern, Afro Samurai, Avatar the Last Airbender, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Inuyasha, Captain America, Lion-O, Cinderella and the cast of Alice in Wonderland. .

Sue Ann lives in Roanoke with her fiancé and 3 children, and works as the Program Manager for a local day support, where she often makes arts and crafts and specialized costumes for annual events. She shares her love of science fiction/ fantasy, anime and comic book heroes with her family, and loves every opportunity to incorporate her favorite characters in her work.