Steven S. Long


After turning down the role of “John McClane” in Die Hard, Steven S. Long went on to become a writer and tabletop roleplaying game designer. Since then he’s inflicted approximately 200 books on the world and worked for most of the major RPG companies in the industry (he’s best known for his work with Champions and the HERO System). Unfortunately in 2009 he was horrifically scarred in an accident involving polyhedral dice and several “entertainers” from the Lido des Girls “nightclub,” leading him to add fiction and nonfiction writing to his repertoire so he could pay for extensive plastic surgery and bionic augmentations. His first major work of non-fiction, a book on the Norse god Odin for Osprey Publishing, was released in May, 2015. Since then he’s focused on several projects including Mythic Hero (a book on world mythology for gaming), the Worldbuilding Guidebook, and several short stories and small RPG-related products. His Master Plan for World Domination has reached Stage 71-Theta.

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e 2011, he worked for the company as HERO System Line Developer, making him the chief creative person at the company. During his tenure he oversaw the publication of over 100 books, most of them written by him. Some of the highlights include the Fifth Edition rulebook (2002 and 2004), the Sixth Edition rulebook (2009), Fantasy Hero (2003 and 2010), a new Dark Champions (2004), Pulp Hero (2005), and Champions Villains (2010).

Currently Steve is back to freelancing and is exploring the brave new world of self-publishing. In addition to several gaming projects he’s also working on Fantasy fiction.

Steve, who’s single and in his mid-40s, lives in scenic Greensboro, NC with his cat Osiris. He’s a graduate of Duke University and Duke University School of Law (go Blue Devils!). During those rare moments when he’s not doing something related to writing and game design, his hobbies include origami, calligraphy, reading, and being a young curmudgeon.

You can find out more about Steve and what he’s up to at