Roanoke Robotics

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Roanoke Robotics and Makers Club meets monthly, open to all ages and technology skill levels.

Each meeting starts with self introductions and project sharing.

What makes the club special is a mutual respect for members sharing talents and their interests; it is an eclectic group of enthusiastic learners & builders.

Approximately 5.1284 * 1012 microseconds into 2010, The Robotics Club was founded by three Roanoke engineers with an enthusiasm for radio control vehicles, electronics, and mentoring youth.

More event organizers quickly joined the group adding a wealth of technology experience, along with a mix of youth, families, students, teachers, artists, and professional technologists.

Our personal projects range from the practical to zany Rube Goldbergs and James Bondish contraptions, proving the only thing stranger than fiction is reality.

The club frequently mentors elementary schools thru university, STEM events, scouting events, technology camps, and community events.