Nathan Davis

20160704_130340Gaming Guest of Honor

Nathan Davis founded the entertainment company, Starship Gaming, in 2014 after having learned about an online community that formed around a game called Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. Being an avid sci-fi fan, Nathan joined the Terran Stellar Navy Roleplay Community, and has been an active member ever since. After about a year of participation in this online community, an announcement was made for the first Artemis-only convention, and Nathan decided to create a portable “bridge” to take to the convention.

After receiving a commendation at the Artemis convention from the software’s author, Thom Robertson, for the creativity and immersive nature of the new bridge, christened the “TSN Dauntless”, Nathan decided to begin attending other conventions, including Charcon, GASPcon, Tsubasacon, and a few local festivals. Players have commented how immersive and intense the gaming sessions can be, and many were repeat players.

Nathan continues to make improvements to the bridge and to gameplay, including new lighting and sound effects, game mastered sessions (as opposed to automated/computer generated maps), exciting custom-written mission scenarios, and more plans are always in the works. You can see some gameplay videos as well as a virtual tour of the TSN Dauntless bridge by visiting Nathan’s Starship Gaming Facebook page: