Myron Smith


Myron Smith is Founder, Director of Programming, and Host of the Virginia Sweded Film Festival. He is also Co-Director/Writer of “Young Blood: Evil Intentions” and “Invasion of the Killer Cicadas,” as well as the host of “Animation Treasures”, a web series that focuses on classic animation. In 2016, he co-authored the novel “Young Blood” with Mat Smith and Stephen Mark Rainey, as well as providing the illustrations. Myron has created a series of online drawing tutorials that can be found on YouTube. Also in 2016, he broke the world record for the fastest time to draw Fred Flintstone, a record that had stood for nearly seven years.
Myron continues to direct films, having produced fast-paced versions of “Night of the Living Dead,” “Return to Oz,” and “Alice in Wonderland” in 2017 for the Virginia Sweded Film Festival last year. He looks forward to solo directing his first full length original movie this year in 2018. You can find him online at, and