John Watts

John WattsGaming

John Watts is the owner and president of Gypsy Knights Games.   John lives in Ringgold, Georgia and is married to his wonderful wife, Wendy.   They live with two cats:  Moneypenny and Felix.

John has been involved in gaming since the early 1980s becoming enamored with such RPGs as Traveller, Star Frontiers, James Bond, and Shadowrun.

John has written many articles for gaming magazines such as The Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society and Freelance Traveller.   In 2011, John started Gypsy Knights Games and originated the Clement Sector setting for the Traveller role-playing game and has written several sourcebooks and adventures in the setting.

In 2016, John took the Clement Sector setting and made it into a freestanding game.  He has since written several sourcebooks and adventures for this new and exciting game.   Other games, sourcebooks, and adventures are always in the works!

Gypsy Knights Games’ products can be purchased in print or in PDF from Drive-thru RPG, RPGNow, the Open Gaming Store, and Paizo.