Jason Graves


Author, editor, illustrator, publisher, educator—Jason is most happy making things or teaching others. He is the author of four novels—Blood Roses and Morning Stars, books one and two of the Noctivagas Chronicle; The Alewife: Curse of Obsession; and Gretchen Thyrd: On the Bridge—and two published short stories, collected in the anthologies Off the Beaten Path 1 and Badass and the Beast (Timberlane Press).

After years as a freelance editor and designer, and two short stints in the publishing profession as an editor, Jason founded Prospective Press in 2015. The Press now represents over thirty authors, including veteran novelist Robert W. Walker, and has published 21 books and two anthologies, to date.

Jason has a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University and a master’s degree from Wake Forest University. He takes his coffee black, his beer blacker, and his Scotch full of peat smoke.