J.M.R. Gaines


James F. Gaines and John M. Gaines have been writing science fiction together for several years as a father-son team under the collective name J. M. R. Gaines, besides publishing some pieces individually. Living in Fredericksburg, Virginia, close to the nation’s capital makes them yearn for other worlds. In the Forlani Saga universe they have created, alien life forms are a central concern, not just for their physical appearance, but because of an interest in how separate evolutions in vastly different environments could cause widely varying psychologies, social forms, languages, and mental outlooks. In alien contact situations, these differences offer unending possibilities as sources of either cooperation or conflict. The first novel of the series, Life Sentence, traces convict Willie Klein’s personal evolution as he encounters the Forlani and several other more problematical species. The second volume, Spy Station, which takes the Forlani females Entara and her daughter Ayan’we into even more complex espionage situations during a desperate peace conference, has just appeared, to be followed by Earth Regained.