Hazel Dayze

hazel dayzeFan Guest of Honor

Hazel Dayze grew up in Roanoke Valley, dreaming of becoming a superhero named Soaring Eagle. She learned how to sew from her mother at the age of 9 years old and quickly learned how to adapt patterns for different designs. In 2004, she did her very first cosplays at Anime Mid Atlantic, while falling in love with all the amazing cosplays there. Life, modeling and motherhood kept her busy over the following years until B & D Comic’s 30th Anniversary event, in 2012, where she started the roll of Baroness. Her superhero dreams were refreshed and she started cosplaying again.

Since then she traveled to almost 70 different conventions from all up and down the east coast, from New York to Florida, over to Indiana and down through Tennessee. She has won awards for her cosplays and has taken part in judging costume contests. She continues to broaden her skill set to beyond just sewing costumes and into making masks, armor, props and wings. However, her absolute favorite parts of cosplaying, are the cherished moments she has with the wonderfully creative and quirky people she meets. They always make her feel right at home, no matter where she goes.