Erin Ashley


Erin grew up all over the United States, causing her to learn about different cultures and people in her own country. Learning how people’s minds work continued to fascinate her, culminating in graduate work in Forensic Psychology and numerous years in the medical field.

She loves sports. Having played football (on the men’s team), she has a deep love of the game. Basketball, track and field, baseball, swimming, camping, hiking, shooting, and just about any outdoor sport are favorites for her as well.

She has a deep love for dogs. “My dogs are people,” she says. “They have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, and quirks. And they are amazing companions.”

She loves research, snarky tee shirts, and a good cup of wassail on a cold day.

Her first book, “Robbing Peter”, is due out in the fall of 2018. It’s a psychological thriller about a pediatric surgeon, who sees and converses with Death, so she knows which of her patients will live and which will die. Death allows her to negotiate for her patients to live longer…as long as she kills who he tells her to later.