Daniel Wallace

Daniel WallaceScience

Dr. Daniel F. Wallace is a Human Factors engineer with over 25 years of research and engineering in the optimization of human performance in a variety of environments.  He holds a Technical Warrant for Displays and Human Factors Engineering and is a recognized international expert in the impact of design on human performance and physiology.  Recently, a colleague (and Board Member of the Space Frontier Foundation) made him aware of a radical idea posited by the engineers at NASA Langley, that contrary to popular belief, Mars may not be the most suitable planet to explore first.  It is likely Venus.  As counterintuitive as it seems at first, we’re intrigued by the concept and think that the MystiCon attendees may be as well, since Venus has a number of compelling advantages.  Dr. Wallace and the panelists will explore not only the technical feasibility, but also the role of industry partners, the popular culture, literature, and the arts to make this a reality.