Christine Parker

Christine ParkerFilmmaker

Originally from Leicester, England, Christine Parker began her film career in Sanford, North Carolina in 2004. She wrote and produced a short film “Second Death” that led to her forming Adrenalin Productions which has since produced more than a dozen films that include four feature films, two which are under distribution with Brain Damage films. Her most notable films include film festival winners “Getting a Head in the Movie Biz”, “Dead of the Night”, “The Ghastly Ghostly Gas”, “Cache Me If You Can” and “Mother”. “Mother” was shot with an all female crew under her new company Sick Chick Flicks. In 2013 she received the audience award and Best Director at Greensboro’s 48 Hour Film Project for Sick Chick Flick’s entry “Fruits of Her Labor”. Sick Chicks current project is Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”.

Screening at Mysticon this year is Sick Chick’s very creepy rendition of Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart entitled “The Tell-Tale Heart – Sisters” starring Scary Carry Jones and Crazy Cathy Mattson. If you love the old classic black and white films like “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” you will LOVE this.