mysticonbanner2011-3Convention Guest of Honor:        George RR Martin

Artist Guest of Honor:                 J.P. Targete

Gaming Guest of Honor:              John Watts

Musical Guest of Honor:              Bella Morte

Master of Ceremonies:                Rich Sigfrit

Fan Guest of Honor:                   Linda Shuping Smith




*All guest appearances are subject to change*

Below are links to pages where we have divided the list of guests into three categories; Art, Writing, Media & Entertainment. A guest can be listed in more than one category!



Writing Guests

includes writing, blogging and publishing

Art Guests

includes art, comics and photography

Media & Entertainment Guests

includes acting, film and television, music, podcasts, gaming & costuming




Guest Etiquette and Autographs

Guests may charge a fee for any autograph or photograph opportunity, or ask that you buy some of their merchandise. This is how they are compensated for their appearance at the con, so please be generous!

We have no fixed arrangement with author or art guests concerning autographs. Our authors and artists make themselves available in the convention areas and at the rotating signing tables throughout the con so that you may purchase their books or art and get an autograph.

Please remember, with all guests, to practice courtesy and common sense when asking for an autograph. Due to our relaxed atmosphere, you will frequently see MystiCon guests in the hotel restaurant or other common areas. Please do not interrupt their meals or private conversations.

We know it’s important to you to have those special mementos of your meetings with these people we all admire, so it’s important to us, too! If you have any questions or need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.