mysticonbanner2011-3Media Guest of Honor:    Amber Benson

Media Guest of Honor:    Zachary Callison

Author Guest of Honor:   Joe R. Lansdale

Artist Guest of Honor:      Shawn Durington

Gaming Guest of Honor:  TBD



Independent Film Guest of Honor:    Jaysen Buterin

Wrestling Guest of Honor:  Tha True Original GATA & Tommy Dreamer

Musical Guest of Honor:    Bella Morte

Master of Ceremonies:       Rich Sigfrit

Fan Guest of Honor:          Geek Radio Daily

*All guest appearances are subject to change*


Additional Guests:

Alex Matsuo
Alexandra Christian
Allen Wold
Amanda J McGee
Angela Pritchett
Anita Allen
Baine Kelly
Bridget Muncy
Calvin Powers
Carol the Cat
Charming Underclothes
Crymsyn Hart
Daniel Wallace
Darcy Wold
Darin Kennedy
Dave Harlequin
Emily Lavin Leverett
Erin Ashley
Final Form Fusion
Fraser Sherman
Gild the Mourn
J Kyle McNeal
J.M.R. Gaines
James Beall
Jason Gilbert
Jason Graves
Jay Requard
Jillian Ryan
John French
John Johnson
John Watts
Kim Headlee


Les Johnson
Linda Robertson
Liz C Long
Lou Antonelli
Mariah Johnson
Mark Davis
Mark MacDicken
Matthew Penick
Melissa McArthur
Michael David Anderson
Mike Allen
Misty Massey
Myron Smith
Pamela Kinney
Richard White
Roanoke Robotics
Roger W. Carden & Janet B. Carden
RS Belcher
S.C. Houff
S.H. Roddey
Samantha Bryant
Shawnee Small
Steve Long
Stuart Jaffe
Sue Ann Ziegler
Susan Stumpf
Tally Johnson
Tera Fulbright
The Library Bards
The Vailix
The Giddy Geeker



Guest Etiquette and Autographs

Guests may charge a fee for any autograph or photograph opportunity, or ask that you buy some of their merchandise. This is how they are compensated for their appearance at the con, so please be generous!

We have no fixed arrangement with author or art guests concerning autographs. Our authors and artists make themselves available in the convention areas and at the rotating signing tables throughout the con so that you may purchase their books or art and get an autograph.

Please remember, with all guests, to practice courtesy and common sense when asking for an autograph. Due to our relaxed atmosphere, you will frequently see MystiCon guests in the hotel restaurant or other common areas. Please do not interrupt their meals or private conversations.

We know it’s important to you to have those special mementos of your meetings with these people we all admire, so it’s important to us, too! If you have any questions or need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.