Artemis Adventure with David Weber

Go on a special adventure on The Dauntless with Captain David Weber!

Starship Gaming specializes in providing an immersive space simulator experience to sci-fi fans featuring Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator. Their simulator the Dauntless will be at MystiCon 2017 all weekend with two special events planned with David Weber on Friday and Saturday nights. Each night from 9-10pm up to 4 participants can purchase tickets to adventure on The Dauntless with David Weber. The cost of the simulation will be $57 per person. $50 from each ticket will go to the MystiCon 2017 Scholarship recipient.

This is your chance to have a fabulous adventure and help out a deserving young person. Purchase your ticket today before they’re all gone!

*****A MystiCon badge is required to participate*****

Event #2

Saturday 2/25/17, 9-10pm