2018 Scholarship Recipient

MystiCon 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Maggie Draper is a Senior at Staunton River High School. She is planning to attend Hollins University this fall. She enjoys writing, 
drawing and spending time with her friends and family.
Maggie won this year’s scholarship with a story titled “Tisiphone” about a grandfather’s great adventure.
Here is a small sampling:
“After I realized this fact, there came a 
growling noise. Deep and guttural. 
It rumbled louder and louder, until something came from out of the darkness. A glittering eye. It seemed to float there in the darkness. The growling suddenly stopped as I looked upon this eye, and all that was left was a deafening silence. It seemed as if time itself had stopped, and all that was left was 
emptiness. My mind reeled and spun and twisted– images and colors passed through my mind’s eye in a psychedelic craze. I hurt but I felt no pain. I was screaming with my mouth closed. The eye stared. Everything began and ended inside my mind– the birth of the 
universe, the death of the immortal. I was vaguely aware that the eye was becoming 
larger, and larger, until it completely engulfed my field of vision. Nothing left but the
unknowable iris that saw into eternity. There was an unimaginable amount of pain in my head as a soft voice asked me…”
When you see Maggie, please be sure to congratulate her and be sure to come to the Scholarship Auction Saturday night where we will auction off some great items. All funds go toward Maggie’s “2018 MystiCon Scholarship.