2017 Scholarship Winner

Christopher Retter Jabbarpour is a nineteen-year-old freshman at Carleton College on the windswept, northern prairies of Minnesota. Chris graduated in June from Community High School of Arts and Academics in Roanoke, Virginia. His academic interests reside in the sciences but on a foundation of liberal arts that stretches from German Studies to Rhetoric; from Anthropology to Philosophy. Chris is bilingual and fluent in German. His leisure interests embrace many of the dimensions of Mysticon.

Chris enjoys RPG’s (Role Playing Games such as D&D Advanced, Call of Cthulu, Champions Complete and Pathfinder) and has spent many an evening GM’ing games with good friends at Community High School, late nights leading adventures with comrades around a table in his home basement in Salem, and rare weekend hours with fellow students in a dorm room at college. When provided a rare break in his studies, he enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy.

After participating several years ago in a Mysticon presentation on Quidditch, facilitated by Virginia Tech’s Team, and having already been a passionate fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, Christopher became inspired to start a Muggle-version of the sport. In 2012, Chris founded Community High School’s Quidditch Team, the nation’s first and oldest US Quidditch Association high school team. Our Roanoke Valley’s Community High team has been nationally recognized by the United States Quidditch Association with The 2016 Xander Manshel Award for Furthering the USQ Mission of Creativity, Community, and Competition. He’s now in the midst of restarting quidditch at his college.

Although an avid admirer of the narrative, Christopher did not start writing fiction until enthusiastically motivated and keenly roused by his teachers at Community High School.