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MystiConWe are excited to be returning to the Holiday Inn Tanglewood in Roanoke, VA for a fifth year. Please browse our site to see the guests and events we are planning for 2015. We’re working hard to make this year even more exciting and eventful.

*All guest appearances are subject to change*


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 Featured in 2015

Media Guest of Honor:

Sean Maher


Author Guest of Honor:

Peter David

Photo by Luigi Novi

Industry Guest of Honor:

Kevin McKeever

Artist Guest of Honor:

Scott Rorie

Musical Guest of Honor:

Bella Morte

Bella Morte

Gaming Guest of Honor:

Christina Stiles

Master of Ceremonies:

Rich Sigfrit

Rich Sigfrit

Fan Guest of Honor:

James “Butch” Allen

*Alan Dean Foster is unable to attend in 2015*

Friends of MystiCon:

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